Let's get real. Sit down and discuss your goals with Nate or Adrienne. This service is complementary and a perfect opportunity to learn how we can best help you. 





You cannot achieve what you do not measure. We offer comprehensive fitness testing that includes measures of body composition, strength, cardiovascular health, mobility, and core and back health. These assessments give us a baseline of which to create the perfect workouts based on your individual needs, as well as the motivation to keep you accountable to your fitness goals. 


Program Design


Your map to success. At Peak Fitness, at home, or on the road, our team will design the perfect program for you. We will craft comprehensive workouts to address your needs, schedule, and what motivates you. Let us take care of the right exercises, reps, and rests to reach your goals. All you need to do is put in the work.


Personal Training


Put your program into action. Take full advantage of our  expertise by working with a coach one-on-one or in an intimate small group setting. Together we will get you results faster, keep you accountable, and give you the individualized attention you need to maximize your full potential.




Stretch strong. Nate is a master Ki-Hara resistance stretching practitioner and has been sharing this amazing stretching technique with Calgarians for the past 6 years. He offers self stretch workshops, multi day certifications, and one-on-one 60 minute or 90 minute assisted stretching sessions.