Peak Obstacle Class

Tues/Thu 7 - 8p

Creative circuit training. Jump, climb, and crawl your way through obstacle inspired stations. The perfect class for obstacle race enthusiasts or anyone looking for some fun fitness.


Peak Run Class

Sat 9-10a


Peak Bootcamp

Mon/Wed 6 - 7a




Peak Outdoor Bootcamp

TBA May 2018




Acro Yoga Fitness

Tues 8-9:30p

Not your ordinary run class. Learn proper run mechanics for sprinting, hills, and so much more. Nate will be with you every step of the way to ensure you get a great cardio workout regardless of ability level. This seasonal outdoor class takes place at Sandy Beach Park rain or shine.

A bootcamp to shake you up and get you inspired! Peak Bootcamp is a dynamic class that changes every day. Classes are designed for all fitness levels to advance your athletic ability and build your workout repertoire. Classes will challenge your strength, coordination, and stamina. With an exciting and supportive workout environment this class is a must for the workout junkie and new fitness enthusiast alike.

Get out and play! This seasonal bootcamp is built to maximize on our summer weather. Classes will be primarily bodyweight. Expect to get sweaty and have fun!

These Acroyoga classes are beginner friendly. All bodies and ages welcome, with many variations accessible to individuals of all levels. Moving with others encourages us to find precision and accuracy in our movements focusing on alignment & efficiency. You don’t need to be strong or flexible, you just need to have fun!